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All courses require pre-registration. You may register in person or by calling the center.  

The Sound Healing Certificate Series has been developed to teach students the proper
use of vibration, frequency and instruments to promote healing in themselves and others.

Convenient Weekend School:

The School of Sound and Healing is a weekend program. Students enrolled will attend
classes for one weekend a month for four consecutive months. Classes will convene for
a three hour session on Friday evening and continue throughout the weekend, completing
a full seven hour day on both the following Saturday and Sunday.

   Class times:
      • Friday Evening from 5-8 pm
      • Saturday from 10am -5:30 pm with a 1/2hr. lunch break
      • Sunday from 10am – 5:30 pm with a 1/2hr. lunch break

   Successful Completion of the 78 Certificate Program requires the following:
      • 68 clock hrs. consisting of 17 hours of physical attendance per scheduled weekend
        of instruction
      • 10 hrs. of assigned reading, research and readiness projects

Class Fee:
      • The course fee for the Program will be $295 per weekend.
      • A 10% discount applies when the program fee of $1180 is paid
        in full prior to the program start date..



Weekend I: Theme: Sound Basics

from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm

Friday Evening Orientation:
   1) Welcome and General Overview of the Program
   2) Introduction of Instructors
   3) Individual Instructor Overviews including education and experience background, a
       Brief Overview of their specific classes of instruction; and Information on the Practical
       Application of a students learning experience in the development of a career, enhance-
       ment of an existing career, or for promoting healing through sound within self, others
       and the planet.
   4) Student Introductions and reasons for taking program
   5) Panel Discussion
   6) Policies and Procedures with Handouts
   7) Creating a Vision Statement

Saturday from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Subject #1: History of Sound in Healing:
From our early beginnings (as evidenced in recent acoustic archeology discoveries) in the
upper Paleolithic through today, students will explore the rich history of humanity’s use of
sound and music as a vehicle for healing. This session will examine how sound and music
was employed by different cultures, time periods and belief systems to facilitate healing on
the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The class will conclude with a clarification
between sound and healing, music as therapy and the profession of music therapy as
defined by the AMTA.
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Subject #2: Sound Fundamentals
This course focuses upon information about Rhythm, Harmony and Melody, with descriptions
of frequency and pitch, hertz, sound waves, and binaural beats. Additional topics covered
include scales, steps, intervals, and the anatomy, physiology & pathologies involved with
vocalization and sound transmission through the ear. Instruction will include an experiential
section using Resonance, Dissonance and Entrainment.
Instructor: Scott Cincotta

Subject #3: The Neurobiology of Sound and Music:
Whether it is the sound of a dentist’s drill, the atonal music of John Cage or a melody
played on a Native American cedar flute, it is clear that both sound and music have an
enormous impact on us. Students will learn about the major areas of the brain and their
functions, the neuropathways through which sound and music travel, the effects that
sound and music have on the whole person, and current research on the physiological,
emotional and cognitive changes that occur when sound and music are applied intentionally
in a healing setting.
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Subject #4: Brain Wave States:
Includes information on Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma Brain Wave states along
with instruction in the use of the Brain Wave Tuning Forks. Students will experience giving
and receiving treatments.
Instructors: Sheri Bauer and Kathryn Rambo

Sunday from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Subject #1: The Metaphysical use of Sound
The word ‘metaphysics’ literally means “what comes after physics”, that which cannot be
seen; the part of philosophy that is concerned with the cosmology, the fundamental causes,
origin and nature of things. This session will focus on a paradigm shift: that sound, tone and
music are living entities known as Devas. This concept is radically different from traditional
Western music which has intellectualized music and removed us from the wonderful
experience of the magick of sound, tone and music.
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Subject #2: Sound Ethics for Practitioners in the Healing Arts:
This course will provide an introduction to moral philosophy and ethics. It will examine
the problems that arise from making moral or ethical judgments and look into historically
important and still prominent theoretical approaches to answer these questions. It will
outline a personal code of ethics for practitioners in the healing arts and discuss the legal
implications/ramifications of not adhering to a code of conduct and ethics while practicing.
Instructor: Leia Scolptur, J.D.

Subject #3: Sound Healng with Tuning Forks 101:
This class will include the history of tuning forks as used in instrument tuning and
complementary healing practices; precautions and contraindications when using tuning
forks; an introduction to the basic types of tuning forks that can be used in a healing practice
and their practical applications; information on activating a tuning fork, clearing the energy
of a tuning fork, and caring for tuning forks used in sound healing therapy.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Subject #4: Solar Harmonic Tuning Level #1:
This course is designed to teach students to effectively use tuning forks to clear and balance
the chakra system using the Solar Harmonic system. Information designed to peel back the
“inner and outer” workings of each “gateway of energy” known as a chakra will be
presented. Students will learn about each chakra including the traits of each chakra, their
ruling organs and glands, age of development, related senses, colors, and their relationship
to emotions and the subtle energy field. An Experiential session follows the instruction and
Instructor: Sheri Bauer


Weekend II: Theme: Creating Sacred Space

Friday from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm

What is Sacred Space? Why Create Sacred Space?
A panel discussion will offer an overview of the many healing tools that can be used in
creating Sacred Space including personal grounding and smudging techniques and the
use of crystals, tuning forks, drums, voice, ting shas, rattles, and singing bowls in the
creation of sacred space.

Students will learn to identify and feel/sense positive, harmonious, balanced energy vs.
dissonant, discordant, off-balance energy of a space and develop, through their required
course work and experience, their own method of clearing and creating sacred space via
personal experience and practice.

A protocol for clearing and creating their own Internal Sacred Space will be developed as
homework to be turned in the beginning of Weekend III.

Saturday from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Subject #1: Singing Bowls 101:
Students will be introduced to the world of Himalayan singing bowls. The class will cover:
the history and origins of the bowls, how singing bowls affect us, how to select a singing
bowl and how to play a singing bowl. Students will receive hands on assistance to learn
the different techniques for creating sacred sound with the bowls. The session will conclude
with an interactive group singing bowl sound bath.
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Subject #2: Singing Bowls: Cleansing the Aura and Balancing the Five Elements.

It is important to be centered, balanced and at peace internally before working with
others. Students will learn how to create a sacred space within their own energy bodies
(aura and 5 energy centers) as well as for others, using one singing bowl through the
vehicle of the five elements. Class includes demonstration, instruction and hands on
practice using a single singing bowl to cleanse and harmonize the human Bio-field and,
at the same time, return the five elements to a state of resonance.
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo.

Subject #3: The Sacred Sounds of Drums
History, tradition, and purpose of sacred drum use within different cultures. Includes an
overview of how drums and drum circles are being used for healing with the support of
scientific research and studies.
Instructors: Holly Emmer and Scott Cincotta

Subject #4: Drum Healing Practicum
Individual and group drum healing techniques will be discussed and practiced in the
Instructors: Holly Emmer and Scott Cincotta

Sunday from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Subject #1: Healthy Boundaries and Providing Support:
Sound is a powerful tool, and like any healing modality, has the ability to trigger strong
intense emotions, memories or experiences in people. This session will focus on supporting
clients who are experiencing difficult, strong, and/or distressing responses during a sound
and healing session. This class will cover a definition of what boundaries are; how to
recognize when the client is beginning to have difficulty; maintaining healthy boundaries
for both practitioner and client; recognizing the crisis point; steps to take to de-escalate the
client and, the importance of having good pre-screenings tools to avoid problems.
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Subject #2: Creating Sacred Space using Gongs:
The history and use of Gongs as one of the oldest therapeutic instruments used in vibra-
tional therapy will be discussed. Information on how gongs affect cell structure, awaken
the chakras, and heal the nervous system will be inroduced. Students will create their own
“gong bath” as they learn how to use a wide range of gongs and experience each
frequency. Students will also learn how to create a “cascade of healing frequencies”
as they learn to play the gongs in harmony with each other.
Instructor: Gail Sauter

Subject #3/4 (extended time): Sacred Space Protocols and Experiential Clinic
Drawing on the information received and their experience with the many sound healing
tools used to create sacred space, students will have an opportunity to experiment indivi-
dually and in community with other students in the development of a protocol for creating
sacred space in physical space (a room, house, healing office/treatment room) using sound
tools, crystals, smudge, the placement of furniture and sacred objects, mantra, prayer, and
intention. The sacred space protocol is a requirement for the completion of the Sound
Healing program and is a requirement for graduation. Time will be allotted during this
experiential clinic for students to write and demonstrate their protocols. Homework will be
the development of a personal space clearing ritual that will be delivered on Friday evening
in Weekend #3.)


Weekend III: Theme: Using Sound as Power

Friday from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm

The Power of Deep Listening
Students will experience the difference between hearing, active listening and deep
listening. This class will discuss what deep listening is and how to use “deep listening”
skills to hear energetic imbalances in the body or in a room using voice, drums, singing
bowls, tingshas and tuning forks to diagnosis energy imbalances. Instructors will also share
their personal space clearing protocols.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo, Holly Emmer, Sheri Bauer

Saturday from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Subject #1: Energy Diagnostics using Tuning Forks, Tingshas and Singing Bowls

Students will learn how to “tune” into the shifting sounds of tuning forks and tingshas as
they are passed over and around the physical and subtle bodies in determining energy
imbalances. They will experience how using these instruments to help clear “stagnant” or
“stuck” energy, assisting the body, mind and spirit back into homeostasis (balance).
Instructor: Sheri Bauer and Kathryn Rambo

Subject #2: Body as Symphony: Tuning the Orchestra of the Body
                  with Bells and Singing Bowls.

When viewed as a symphony orchestra comprised of different instrumental sections, it
becomes apparent when a “section” of the orchestra is off-key, out of rhythm and discor-
dant. Students will learn about the role of the gut (second and third chakra/energy centers)
and the vagus nerve in maintaining overall harmony in the body’s orchestra. Students will
learn to use a singing bowl and bell in a protocol designed to re-tune these two systems of
the body in order to harmonize entire symphony orchestra of the body.
Instructor Kathryn Rambo

Subject #3: Vocal Sounds of Power & Healing
A brief overview of how Voice has been a Sound of Power throughout history, within
mythologies, and across cultures. Vocal toning, channeling, and chanting, including the
introduction of bija seed mantras, Shipibo icaros, shamanic Soul Songs, over toning, and
sacred texts will be specifically discussed and demonstrated.
Instructors: Holly Emmer and Mike Dalcher

Subject #4: Vocal Healing Practicum
A practicum involving the discovery and use of our own voice and intention as instruments
of healing through the use of several techniques, traditional practices, and exercises for
healing specific issues or addressing specific intentions.
Instructors: Holly Emmer and Mike Dalcher

Sunday from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Subject #1 & 2: Using your Voice to Create Deep Relaxation and
                         Altered States of Conscousness

This class will be built around creating guided meditations for use in the healing room
and using your speaking voice as a healing instrument to guide your clients into deep
and/or altered states of consciousness, opening the gateways for healing.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Subject #3 & 4: Sounds of the Planets in Human Tuning:
Students will explore the importance of different planetary aspects in the healing of the
physical body, mind and spirit. They will research the positive and negative aspects of
their own Sun Signs and, through a written assessment, determine the planetary freqencies
that would be helpful in their personal healing. They will be instructed in the use of the
Planetary Tuning Forks and learn how to use the vibration of the different planets to “tune”
the body via the thorasic vertebra.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer


Weekend IV Theme: Theme: The Importance of Sound in
Healing Ceremonies, Rituals, and Healing Sessions

Friday Evening, from 5-8 pm

Native American Sacred Songs, Chants and Healing Rituals

Students will hear the wonder-filled Native American stories and traditions of Lakota.
They will learn about their songs, chants, ceremonies and healing rituals and be taught
the importance of listening to the Sounds of nature, animals and spirit.
Instructor: Delbert Charging Crow.

Saturday, From 10:00am to 5:30pm

Subject #1/2 (extended time): Sacred use of Sound and Music in Ceremony and Ritual:
                                               How sound and music contribute to a Healing Ceremony

Beginning with one's intention, students will learn how sound and music can be used in
a ceremony and ritual, including how sound and music can be used to create an altered
consciousness; or a specific mood or emotion; or for bringing people together for common
purpose. An instructor-led ceremony demonstration will provide students the experience of
how sound, smell, texture, sight, and movement work together to create the mood/
environment necessary for effective healing.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo and Holly Emmer

Subject #3/4 (extended time): Creating your own Healing Ceremony with Sound
                                              Experiential Student Planning Session

Students are provided with the ritual ingredients and recipe to create their own healing
ceremony. Examples include but are not limited to: 1) for themselves 2) prior to starting
their daily work with clients 3) cleansing their work space prior to or after a healing session.
Students will have time for Sacred Play in order to combine these ingredients into their
own short healing ritual or ceremony with the purpose of identifying the purpose/goal,
using sound to move sacred space, performing the ceremony itself, and addressing the
conclusion of the ritual. Students will demonstrate their healing ceremony to the class.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo and Holly Emmer

Sunday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm
Sunday, Weekend IV: Graduation Day

Subject #1: The Spiritual Gateways of Consciousness
This course explores the Spiritual Gateways of Consciousness and the use of intention as
a tool in sound healing. Students will delve into the mysteries of consciousness and explore
the ancient Mayan and Inca maps of consciousness. They will learn how their thoughts can
produce vortices of energy that can have existential, medical and spiritual implications.
They will explore using intention to facilitate healing outcomes. Students will learn to
evaluate their own levels of consciousness using Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Subject #2: Crystal Bowl Healing
Students will be instructed in using the sound power of the Chakra Tuned Crystal Bowls.
They will learn how to use crystal bowls to open the different gateways of consciousness,
how to release “stuck” energy and how to relbalance the physial and subtle bodies using
crystal bowls. They will learn how to synchronise their energies to that of the bowl they
are working with along with the protocols for creating harmonius sound. Students will then
learn how to play the crystal bowls in harmony with one another. This class will incorporate
the use of Guided Meditation with the frequencies of the Chakra Tuned Crystal Bowls.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Subject #3 – What is Kirtan
Includes the history and practice of Kirtan as a form of Yoga consisting of “call and
response” chanting and its affect on the body, mind and spirit. Students and their families
will experience the powerful, heart-opening and calming effects of Kirtan.
Instructor: Russell Strelnick

Subject #4 – Closing Ceremony and Presentation of Certificates of Completion



Weekend I: Theme: Sound Experience across Cultures
MARCH 3, 4 AND 5, 2017

from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm

Along with Student and Instructor introductions, policies and procedures, the curriculum
outline for Level II of the School of Sound and Healing will be overviewed. The expecta-
tions for individual student progress, completion of homework, and the graduation require-
ment of the creation of a sound healing technique or undisclosed sound healing gift to the
rest of the community will be discussed. The evening will conclude with a Panel Discussion.

Saturday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Class #1: The Sound Healing Practices of the Aboriginal
               featuring the Didgeridoo, its healing
properties and practices. The Aboriginal people of Australia are the first known culture to
heal with sound. Their ‘yidaki' (modern name, didgeridoo) has been used as a healing tool
for at least 40,000 years. The Aborigines healed broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses of
every kind using their enigmatic musical instrument. Included in this segment will be a brief
history of the Aboriginal Culture and uses of Sound, a demonstration and experience using
the Didgeridoo and an opportunity to view Aboriginal Art.
Instructor: Jeoffrey Hutcherson, CinnerG Systems with Aboriginal Art examples shared by
Holly Emmer.

Class #2: African Drum Healing
African music has a long history that has been orally transmitted from one generation to
the other and captured in written form in excerpts found in journals of western explorers.
Students will learn the history of the African drums and how the beat has been used through time to create meditative and healing states.
Instructor: Keba Diabate

Class #3: The Energy of Words
What we say and how we say it can be powerful and well-considered. This class reviews
the energy that is contained in the words we invoke, decree, pray, chant, or sing. We’ll
also touch upon the concept of thought forms that can be created through the repetitive
and purposeful use of words.
Instructor: Holly Emmer

Class #4: The Sounds of Silence:
              Ram Das writes “the quieter you become, the more you hear.”

The practice of cultivating silence is found in all of the world’s religious and spiritual
traditions with the goal of facilitating a deeper connection with the Divine, to be renewed
and transformed. It is from the First Silence that the Creation began – it is from silence that
sound is born. Silence isn't just the canvas upon which music is painted. It's one of the
colors on the composer's palette. Students will learn the importance of both exterior and
interior silence and how to cultivate both. The class will end with an experience of interior
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo and Holly Emmer

Sunday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Class #1: Mantras and Chants from the Buddhist Tradition
Included will be a brief history of mantra in the Buddhist tradition, a discussion of the
benefits of chanting and the reasons to chant mantras. Students will learn different types
of mantras, how to chant mantras and how mantras can be used for awakening, self healing
and healing others. The use of prayer beads will be introduced and students will have an
opportunity to practice mantra.
Instructor: Pema Lisa Antoniotti

Class #2: Peruvian Whistling Vessels
In 1972 Daniel Statnekov discovered a Pre-Columbian psycho-acoustical whistle made
of clay at an auction in Pennsylvania. He spent the next 15 years researching the vessels
that are know at Peruvian Whistling Vessels. Known as ‘huascos’ to the Inca, and huaca
silbador or vacijas silbadoras by the Spanish, the ancient Inca used them to evoke shamanic
visionary experience. These could possibly be the oldest biofeedback device known to man.
Students will learn this history of the vessels. The majority of class time will be spent playing
the vessels.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo & Dr. Dan Huber

Class #3: Manifesting with Intention
Intention can be defined as “the projection of awareness, with purpose and efficacy,
toward some object or outcome.” Students will discover how they can influence physical
matter via highly motivated and targeted thought. This class involves active participation
and will provide you with the basics of putting together your own intention program for self-
and other-healing.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo and Holly Emmer

Class #4: Creating and Sharing your Intention through Music and Sound
Taking what we’ve learned from the “Manifesting with Intention” class, we will take the
time to create and share our personal intentions using our thoughts and sound healing
instruments of choice.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo and Holly Emmer


Weekend II: Theme: Awakening and Opening the Heart using Sound
MARCH 31, APRIL 1 AND 2, 2017

Friday from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm

Overview of Heart Math with information on Love, Joy and Grief including Sound Frequency
samples to heal the Heart and a discussion on the Heart Chakra. Students will be assigned a
journaling/homework assignment to create a heart protocol using sound instruments of their
choosing. They will be required to use their protocol daily, journal their experiences and
share their outcomes with fellow students during Sound School Weekend III on Friday
evening, May 5th.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo, Holly Emmer and Sheri Bauer. April 1, 2017

Saturday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Class # 1: Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Heart Chakra in the World’s Spiritual Traditions.
The focus of this weekend will be exploring the Heart Chakra energy beginning with how
our ancestors viewed the heart and culminating in current research about the real anatomy
and function of our Heart and the importance of opening, healing and living from your heart
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Class #2: Mimic to Movement: Sounding the Heart
This course will focus upon a very powerful vocal toning technique which utilizes the
concepts of entrainment, activation, and the iso principle for recognizing and releasing
stuck emotions such as grief, sadness, and anger, as well as physical pain in the body. We
will also learn how to effectively and compassionately hold space for others who are using
this technique.
Instructor: Holly Emmer

Class # 3: Using Tuning Forks to Open the Heart.
This course will focus on spinal tuning of the thoracic vertebrae behind the heart and will
include a demonstration of a spinal flush. Students will learn the relationships between the
internal organs, held emotions, and the potential for the manifestation of dis-ease. They will
be introduced to, experience, and practice the use of individual Tuning Forks designed to
bring the physical body, mind and spirit back to homeostasis.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Class #4: Individual Protocol Sound Labs.
Students will meet individually with instructors to develop their outlines related to the
graduation requirement to create a sound healing technique or undisclosed sound healing
gift to be delivered to the entire community on Graduation Day, June 4, 2017. April 2, 2017.

Sunday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Class # 1: The Happy Cuz I said So, Playshop

Author Jeoffrey Hutcherson will present a workshop based on his second book, “Hot
Chocolate Happiness, Happy Cuz I said so! During this workshop he will take students
through some of the most fun, simple and quick tools that they can use to have more joy
and happiness in life. Some of what you will learn in this Playshop includes, The Art of
Emotional Mastery, The Power of the Do-Over, Your Life Comes Down to Four Words and
How you can Be R.I.C.H.
Instructor: Jeoffrey Hutcherson

Class #2: Using Sound to Celebrate
Often people seek sound healing as a way to relieve pain and re-harmonize the body,
mind and Spirit. Chris Johnstone, an accomplished musician and author who works in
the area of the psychology of resilience and sustainable happiness believes that as humans
we have needs for psychological nourishment, psycho-spiritual nourishment and emotional
nourishment. Celebration is one path that nourishes us psychologically, emotionally, and
spiritually. Celebration also motivates us to keep moving forward and pursuing our goals
and dreams. This class will explore the importance to adding a “sound celebration” to the
students’ repertoire of sound tools. Students will have a chance to create a celebration of
sound using kalimbas, creating their own organic celebration of sounds!
Instructor: Kathryn Rambo

Class #3 Heart Healing Bowl Meditation
Meditation using the Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls and Drums. Students will experience
a heart healing sound and guided meditation facilitated by Kathryn/Himalayan Singing
Bowls, Sheri /Crystal Singing Bowls and Crystal Pyramid, Holly/Drum and Vocals. Students
will be assigned homework to develop a protocol using intention and sound to heal their
heart to be presented during weekend three of the Level II Sound School.
Facilitators: Kathryn Rambo, Holly Emmer & Sheri Bauer

Class #4: Sound Healing Labs to include choice of Resonating Metals, Drums, Voice,
               and Tuning Forks


Weekend III: Theme: Sound Healing using Modern and Emerging
                                            Tools and Protocols
MAY 5, 6 AND 7, 2017

Friday from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm

Panel discussion on the Modern and Emerging Tools and Protocols for Healing with Sound.
Students will also present their homework on setting Intentions, creating a living protocol
using sound to heal their heart.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo, Holly Emmer and Sheri Bauer

from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Class # 1 Using the Frequencies of Light and Color in Healing.
In this class students will participate in a demonstration to learn how modern light therapy
technology integrates the ancient art of color, sound and frequency healing. Research has
substantiated that integrated light therapy assists the body to heal at the cellular DNA level
and release trauma memories from the biophysical human system. Students will learn what
the energy frequency is that infuses the healing power of light, color, and sound to achieve
perfect body, mind, spirit healing. Specific essential oils and crystal disks developed in
Germany to assist the penetration of light therapy will be demonstrated. How integrated
light, color and sound therapy assists the physical body adjust to increasing cosmic solar
energy frequencies radiating our planet to assist the evolution of consciousness will
be discussed.
Instructor: Peig Myota

Class #2: Energy Technology in Physical and Emotional Healing: Introduction to Rife
              Frequency Technology, PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency) and Low
              Level Laser Therapy

Students will learn about the benefits of utilizing frequency technology in healing and
supporting the body. Students will gain a basic working knowledge of the use of Rife
Technology, PEMF (Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency) and LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)
to support immunity, increase cell oxygenation, reduce pain, address cancer and auto-
immune issues, and boost general health and well-being. Jean Schoenecker, Wellness
Advocate & Hypnotherapist, will share her path to overcoming Lyme Disease with this
technology, and without pharmaceuticals. This class will expand students’ understanding
of body resonance with the earth. They will learn to synchronize their energy body with the
beneficial energy of this technology for healing.

Class #3: DNA Activation with Sound
This class will cover what DNA is and where it is located in the human body. Instructors
will review how DNA has been modified with a discussion of several important scientific
experiments. A DNA protocol/Meditation will be taught and the class will conclude with
a DNA tuned tube and a DNA tuning fork sound experience.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo, Holly Emmer & Sheri Bauer

Class #4: Experiential Section
Students will use color, sound tools, guided meditation and Intention in the development
of their own Healing Protocols to be delivered to the community at large. Individual proto-
cols will incorporate the information discussed and experienced in Classes 1-3.

Sunday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm
Sub Theme: Protection, Detoxification, Balance and Manifestation.

Class #1: Using Clear Quartz Crystals and Himalayan Singing Bowls
The use of gemstones for healing is not a “new age” or alternative healing modality.
For thousands of years, people have been using gemstones for their therapeutic effects.
Ancient civilizations have left evidence that gemstones were used to heal disease, provide
protection, and carried as talismans or amulets. Kathryn will demonstrate how to add
members of the clear quartz crystal family to Himalayan singing bowl sessions.

Class #2: Sound Activation Layouts using Crystals and Stones
Students will experience four Crystal/Stone layout including one for Protection, Detox-
ification, Balance and Manifestation. Sound tools will be used to activate and enhance
the energy of the stones.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Class #3/4: Extended Time Experiential Section
Students will use crystals and stones to build a multi-layered healing grid. They will learn
how to activate the grid using intention, meditation,sound and vocals including chant,
mantras and call and response techniques.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo, Holly Emmer and Sheri Bauer


Weekend IV: Sharing Gifts of Wisdom
JUNE 2, 3 AND 4, 2017

Friday from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm

Self-care Overview with Holly, Kathryn and Sheri
Panel discussion incorporating student views and personal practices that incorporate Self-Care including daily rituals, sound healing practices, nutrition intake as it affects the body, mind and spirit and meditation and prayer. The evening will start with an “out of body” experience designed for the students to ‘shed’ the energies of their day/week.
June 3, 2017

Saturday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Class #1: Business Development
This course will address the different types of business entities available; how to set up
a business legally and how to copyright, trademark and brand your business. Information
on insurance, and professional association membership will be included.
Instructor; Leia Sculptor

Class #2: How to get and Keep a Client through the use of advertising, marketing
               and Networking.

The focus of the class will be on creating an image, building strong customer relationships
through successful use of advertising, marketing tools and personal interaction. Intake forms
and permissions will be included.
Instructor: Sheri Bauer

Class #3: Now that you have a Client, What do you Do?
Students will collaborate on a full sound healing session when working with clients.
Students will work in groups with 3 different client scenarios: one physical, one emo-
tional, and one spiritual. They will create a sound healing session for that particular
client and their presenting issue and include the following: forms and permissions,
creating sacred space, formulating a solid intent, creating and conducting a session,
determine when the session has reached its conclusion, closing the session and clearing
the energy after a session.
Instructors: Kathryn Rambo, Sheri Bauer, Holly Emmer

Class #4: Experiential Clinic
Students will present their sound healing sessions based on the above session:
demonstrating their client healing session using the sound healing tools and techniques
learned throughout the current semester. June 4, 2017

Sunday, from 10:00am to 5:30pm

Class # 1/2: Extended Time – Presentation of Student Gifts.
Each student will get 15-20 minutes to present and demonstrate a sound technique or
undisclosed sound healing gift to the rest of the community.

Class #3/4: Closing Ceremony and Community Sound Circle


Core Curriculum Instructors

Holly Emmer
Dr. Dan Huber
Sheri Bauer
Kathryn Rambo

Scott Cincotta
Mike Dalcher

Guest Instructors

Delbert Charging Crow
Gail Sauter
Leia Sculptor
Russell Strelnick

Holly Emmer, BSN, RN

Holly is a spiritual ecology-focused shamanic practitioner and a
member of The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, trained in the
Harner Shamanic Counseling method, soul retrieval, extraction
healing, and psychopomp healing. She has also been trained by
Debra Morrill to do compassionate depossession shamanic work.

Holly graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee School of Nursing in 2009 and
holds certificates in the Courses of Chakra Healing, Chakra Intuition,
and Shamanic Healing through the Art of Healing School of Energy

Holly is circle keeper of the Bay View Drum & Journey Circle and
has a special interest in sound healing, especially through the sound
of the drum and often incorporates this into the Circle’s activities.

Sheri Bauer, RRMT, CAHP, BD

Sheri Bauer is a Reiki Practitioner and Sound Healing Therapist
certified in five different complementary healing modalities. She
incorporates the use of Tuning Forks and Tibetan and Crystal Bowls
into her practice. As a Sound Therapist, Sheri uses the gentle, yet
powerful frequency of tuning forks to promote deep states of relax-
ation for her client population. Clients seek her services to relieve
stress, balance their body’s nervous system, increase their level of
physical energy and promote mental concentration, mental clarity
and brain function. Sheri also uses Tibetan and Crystal Bowls that
she plays on the body during her sessions and her voice as an
instrument to promote deep relaxation through Guided Meditation.

Sheri is the owner of Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts and
the Director of the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine where
she has been teaching Healing with Sound for the past seven years.


Dr. Daniel Huber, Ph.D. LCSW

Dan is a licensed clinician practicing psychotherapy with individuals,
couples and families. His specialty is working with children and
adolescents with behavioral problems. Beyond his practice as a
therapist, Dan also practices and teaches Shamanism as well as
meditation, focusing on mindfulness practices and the Oneness
Blessing and process.

Kathryn Rambo

Kathryn has 40 years experience as a board certified music therapist,
meditation instructor, Reiki master, dowser, crystal and sound ther-
apy worker. She has studied a wide variety of approaches: music
therapy, gestalt therapy, humanistic psychology, Reiki, meditation,
dowsing, sound healing, shamanic drumming, Ericksonian hypno-
therapy and trance induction as well as the indigenous healing
traditions of the people of the high Peruvian Andes.

Since 1995 she has taught meditation, wellness and spirituality
classes at locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, to help
people remember and reclaim the joy of living life fully. Her person-
al and professional experience has taught her that there is a healthy,
happy, peace filled part inside everyone that can get lost during the
storms of life. Her workshops and seminars offer people a gentle way
to grow, to be creative, have fun and to experience opportunities to
rediscover themselves, offering them a path to their own valuable
inner resources, to once again see that life is filled with beautiful
opportunities to Be.

Scott Cincotta
Scott is a retired music teacher, drum clinician and professional
percussionist. He is a Circle Facilitator for the Union Grove Village
Drum Circle, a percussion/piano/music theory instructor, a composer
for Cincotta Publications, a Wisconsin School Music Association
master adjudicator and field representative and the owner of
Cincotta Music Enterprises LLC. Scott is also an active member of
the Percussive Arts Society. He also holds the designation of
Certified Level I Sound Healing Practitioner through the School
of Sound and Healing, a part of Angel Light’s Art of Healing School
of Energy Medicine in Elm Grove, WI.


Mike Dalcher
Mike is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and Ayurvedic health
counselor. He has also studied shamanic traditions of the Amazon
as well as various modalities of sound healing. His main interest is
sound, especially vocals, as a gateway to consciousness exploration.

Delbert Charging Crow

Delbert was raised in the Badlands of South Dakota and was taught
Traditional Lakota ways from boyhood by many elders such as Frank
Fools Crow, Selo Black Crow, Leonard Crow Dog, John Around Him,
and others. Delbert is an Oglala Lakota stone carver and his Medicine
is with the Stone People. He was called to do this spiritual work by
his Grandma Jennie.

This spiritual calling has taken Delbert into the hearts and minds of
many beautiful animals and people and he feels it has been his
privilege to bring both together. Delbert has a library of wonder-filled
stories to share, having walked this path for all of his life. Delbert will
be sharing his stories and knowledge of Nature and Animal Sounds
and the Sound and Healing traditions of the Lakota.


Gail Sauter, MSW, LCSW

Gail is passionate about helping people create value in their lives.
Her entire professional career is rooted in these values and partic-
ularly focused on discovering and promoting emergent therapies that
support personal and individual health and healing through artistic,
energetic and social interactions.

She has pursued studies of the mind/body connection for over four
decades and holds two certifications in massage therapy, training
in the US and Germany. As well as holding a Reiki II certification,
she practices the art of crystal enhanced Reiki therapy. Most
recently, she completed the Art of Healing Sound Certificate off-
ered through Angel Light and is delighted to share her talents with
the new School of Sound.

In additional to her professional practice, Gail is currently serving as
the president of the Raphael Foundation for New Impulses in Music in
Pewaukee and has lead a number of sound scape experiences locally
over the past 15-20 years. She is pleased to introduce the Manfred
Bleffert instruments to the local Milwaukee scene and to be a part of
the furtherance of energetic and vibrational sciences.


Leia Scoptur, J.D.

Leia is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin. She
attended Marquette University Law School and graduated in 2007.
She graduated from Carroll College in 1999 earning her Bachelor's of
Science degree with majors in Political Science and History and
minors in Secondary Education and Psychology. She was a middle
and high school social studies teacher prior to attending law school.
She volunteered as a counselor at a teen shelter in Milwaukee for
three years.

Russell Strelnick, LCSW, CYT

Russell has been exploring human growth and healing for over
four decades. He has traveled and studied extensively to learn
a broadrange of healing modalities which strengthen wholeness,
compassion and love. Russell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(LCSW) and has utilized both ancient and modern techniques to
empower, re-balance and enhance the well-being of his students
and clients.

He practiced meditation in India for seven months and is a certi-
fied Kripalu Yoga teacher. Russell’s mission is to assist you in
reconnecting with yourself in ways that broaden your foundation
of self-acceptance; and assist you in taking action towards the full
expression of your joy by being fully alive, aware, and appreciating
this moment as it is.

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