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Course in Intuitive Development
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Course in Intuitive Development

Facilitated by - Doug Van Gemert
Fee: $30 per class
Series Rate: $240 with pre-payment – A $30 savings

Meet Your Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide? How do I meet my Spirit Guide?
Spirit guides can be angels or animal totems or ancestors from other dimensions that are
assigned to us before we are born. They can help encourage and guide us through life.
They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual contract we make with ourselves before
we incarnated. Spirit Guides can send us signs, can poke us in the gut when they want us to
pay attention to something, can manifest as voices in our heads or flashes of intuition. They
may even appear as angelic beings in human form to assist us in some important manner,
including giving us direction or even saving our lives. Your higher self helps select these
guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation. Come meet your guide as Doug
Van Gemert takes you on a guided journey. It is important to avoid caffeine and to eat only a
light meal before attending this class.

Color Therapy

Remember your first box of Crayola Crayons? What colors where you drawn to? Do you
know why you choose to wear different color clothing on different days? Did you ever put
on something that conflicted with your inner knowing and then felt out of sorts all day? How
about the foods you eat? Are you attracted by the color arrangement of food on a banquet
table? How do the colors that surround you at work or home influence how you feel?

Different colors hold different frequencies. Our attraction to certain colors may very well
signal areas where we are imbalanced. The Egyptians understood this concept and some
sources say that using color in healing had its roots in the ancient civilizations of Atlantis,
Lemuria and Mu.

Understanding why certain colors affect us favorably while others bring about negative
feelings helps us along our healing journeys. In this class you will be given an overview of
the purpose and application of colors in accordance with the laws of the universe.
Understanding and applying these color therapy concepts may assist with balancing and
harmonizing the physical energy flow within the body and the ever oscillating array of
emotions felt on any given day. Come learn how to apply color therapy for self healing or
that of others


According to Wikipedia, “In parapsychology and many forms of spiritual practice, an aura is
a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object like the halo or aureoles
in religious art. The depiction of such an aura often connotes a person of particular power
or holiness.”

Seeing the “aura” can be a natural gift or learned through the guidance of a teacher along
with practice. Learning to see the aura can actually assist in determining possible “energetic
imbalances” in the physical body and/or energetic fields. During this workshop, Doug Van
Gemert will delve into the meaning of colors and facilitate a demonstration on “How to Train
your Eyes” to see the various colors of the aura.


Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person’s
personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of
dealing with others. The roots of numerology can be traced back some 10,000 years to Egypt
and Babylonia. Pythagoras, who developed many of the basic theorems that form the
foundation of modern mathematics, is credited with formally organizing the field about 2600
years ago in ancient Greece.

During this class, students will receive a concise definition of the science of Numerology and
explore how numerology can be applied in their own life. They will also prepare their own personal numerology chart.

Pyramidology – The Study of Pyramids

The ancient Egyptians must have really been on to something when they built their pyramids.
While not officially recognized by science, the power of pyramid energy has been studied
throughout time. Even Sir Isaac Newton, known for work with the laws of gravity, was an
avid Pyramidologist. He spent as much time on alchemical experiments and biblical
interpretation as he did on his work in mathematics and physics for which he is honoured.

During this class you will learn how pyramid shapes of certain proportion and orientation
have the capability of collecting and focusing energy that can have a profound effect on
living or non-living objects. You will experiment with how Pyramidology relates to your
physical body, your state of mind, your environment, food, water, air and your energy

Dreams and How to Interpret Them

Dream Interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient
societies, such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural
communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unraveled
by people with certain powers. In modern times, various schools of psychology and
neurobiology have offered theories about the meaning and purpose of dreams.

When dreams are remembered and their reflections in-depth are understood, a whole new
dimension of wisdom and insight will be added to your life. Join Doug Van Gemert as he
assists you in understanding the deeper insights your dreams can bring.

Psychometry & the Pendulum
Join us as we tackle two subjects during this class.

What is a pendulum, exactly?
How does it a pendulum work? Does it work at all or is it just a trick?
If pendulums really work, what can a pendulum do?
More importantly, how do you use a pendulum and
How do you choose a pendulum?

Come enjoy discussions and demonstrations on using your pendulum. Please bring a
pendulum with you or arrange to borrow one from the store for use during this informative

"Psychometry" is a term first coined by Joseph R. Buchanan, an American professor of
physiology, in 1842. It comes from the Greek word “psyche, meaning “soul” and “metron”,
meaning measure. Psychometry is an ability to “sense” or "read" the history of an object
and/or its owner by touching or holding the object in your hands, or pressing it against your
forehead at the third eye. The impressions can be perceived as images, sounds, smells,
tastes - even emotions. Buchanan tested his theories by placing various drugs in vials and
then, using his students as subjects, asked his students to identify the drugs by merely
holding the vials. His students amazing success rate was published in his book, “Journal
of Man.”

Join this class and learn about what psychometry is and how it works.


Reincarnation is the concept that souls are continuously reborn in different bodies at different
times and places. Many belief systems around the world embrace reincarnation, and look at
this “many lifetimes” concept as an opportunity to grow one’s soul.

Does Reincarnation exist? Yes or No? While it is impossible to prove or disprove
reincarnation, this will be a most interesting topic for students to discuss and explore. This
class, facilitated by Psychic, Doug Van Gemert, will include a Past Life Regression that may
prove to be very interesting.


Did you ever think of someone and then the phone rang with a call from them? Did you
ever know what someone was going to say before they opened their mouth? Did you ever
find yourself finishing someone’s sentence? Did you ever just know when a loved one
needed your help or might be in danger?

During these situations, you are picking up information energetically or “telepathically.”
There are two forms of telepathy. Mind reading is the ability to read one’s mind. Thought
reading is the ability to impress the mind of another person with a definite thought or
thoughts without traveling through the usual avenue of sense.

Is it actually possible to transfer thoughts, feelings, emotions, or even secrets hidden in the
depths of the human psyche from one person to another? Join this class and learn more.

Students should refrain from caffeine products and not have a big meal before arriving.

Psychic Phenomena in the Bible
Students will participate in an exploration of the Psychic Phenomena in the Bible including
references to Clairvoyance, Spirit Communication in dreams; Séance’s, Psychometry and
Healing. All the phenomena discussed are open to many interpretations and students will
decide what speaks to their higher truth. All attendees are welcomed to bring their bibles,
but this is not a requirement. This class is an exploration and discovery of new ideas that,
with an open mind, will assist you in heightening your ability to look at the bible and its
“esoteric meanings” in a new way. No religious doctrines are discussed.

About Doug Van Gemert
Doug Van Gemert is known as the Mystic Teacher. He is a gifted Psychic and Psychometrist.
He offers Tarot and Medicine Cards readings and individualized Numerology Charts. He is
also a Hypnotist and a certified PSI Operator. His credentials include:

Radio & TV
“Psychic Encounters” - WEEN Radio AM: Providence, RI,
WCHC Radio: Holy Cross College - Worcester, MA
WCUM Radio FM: Clark University - Worcester, MA
TV Channel 13: “Psychic Worlds”
WKRS 1220 AM: “New Age Radio, Gurnee, IL

Newspaper Articles
Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Worcester Magazine, Psychic Times - Amesbury, MA,
Psychic News - Holden, Ma, PSI Quarterly - Amesbury, MA

Professional Hypnosis Training Center of Holden, MA: Hypnotherapy
The Silva Method: Completed the specialized course in all phases of Psychic Operation
and earned the title of PSI Operator (Psi Op).


Tarot Series
Facilitated by: Ellen Beatrice Davidson
Student of the Mysteries. Practitioner and teacher of Tarot, Numerology, and the Sacred
Symbols of the Ancients, for the last 30 years.

All Classes are $40 each. A series discount of 10% applies when all classes are paid in
full prior to the start date of the series.
Students may take the first class without further obligation.

Session I
Introduction to Tarot {the language of symbols}
The Major Arcana will be presented (22 cards of images which portray different stages
of life's journey). Each student will lay out a 12 month personal forecast using the major arcana. Discussion and assignment.

Session II
The Minor Arcana will be presented (Pictorial forms that unfold in greater detail a more
personal look at the question at hand). 4 groupings of 14 cards each.
Class Focus: The Cups - The World of Feeling
Each student will add a card of cups to the 12 month reading from the previous week.
Discussion and assignment.

Session III
The Pentacles: The Material World of Skills, Money and Purchases
Each student will add a card of pentacles to their 12 month reading. Discussion and

Session IV
The Wands: The Imagination of Ideas, Dreams, Visions and Art
Each student will add a card of wands to their 12 month reading. Discussion and assignment

Session V
The Swords: Intellect, Facts, Justice and Conflict
Each student will add a card of swords to their 12 month reading.
Students will learn the Celtic Cross Layout (the oldest and most popular spread to give
a personal reading). Discussion and assignment.

Session VI
Celtic Cross Readings for a fellow student.
Graduation : Certificate of completion for the 6 week course. With years of intrigue
and enjoyment to come.

Book "The New Mythic Tarot" By Juliet Sharman- Burke (book & deck)
      • A Black Cloth to wrap cards and to lay out on {prefer silk} about 24 " x 24"
      • A palm size clear crystal
      • Notebook and pencils.

About “The Mythic Tarot” by Juliet Sharman-Burke.
This method incorporates the symbolic language of the collective unconscious though
mythical archetypes through pictured cards. Dr. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Caroline
Myss are a few who uncovered this language of the soul. It is through the understanding
of symbols and mythical archetypes that one can access the deeper regions within self and
also consciously uncover their actions and motivations in daily life. Tarot is one process to
achieve this understanding.


Fee: $45.00 per class
Certified Akashic Record reader and teacher Pilar Gonzales

Beginning in early 2017, Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts will offer a certification
class series on the Akashic Records—a compendium of thoughts, events and emotions
believed by Theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical place of existence known as
the astral plane.

Taught by certified Akashic Record reader and teacher Pilar Gonzales, this series offers
an interactive experience for students to learn about the history of the records and how to
access and read them.

Life, it’s full of obstacles, challenges, repeated patterns of not so flattering behaviors and
mistakes. It’s how we deal with them (or not), that defines us. Wouldn’t it be nice if there
were a book or blueprint that we could access to make sense of it all? There is. It’s called
the Akashic Records or, as described in the Bible, The Book of Life.

If you could access these records, what would you do with them? The possibilities are
endless! The Akashic Records are the vibrational blueprints of every soul. They contain
every thought, idea, feeling, action and every word you’ve ever uttered in every lifetime:
Past, present and future. Within the Akasha lies the answers to your soul’s purpose and the
challenging issues you’ve endured thus far. Also within the Akasha is the opportunity to
heal and understand your true self. Join us and learn how to read your own Records as
well as how to facilitate an Akashic Record reading for others. Certificates will be awarded
to students who complete this course

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